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Choose the Perfect Lighting to Brighten Your Small Kitchen

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Having a beautifully lit kitchen is important in any home, but it can be especially challenging in a small space. The right lighting is crucial to make a small kitchen feel open, airy and fully utilized.

With the many lighting options available today, you can easily create a lighting plan that works perfectly for your unique small kitchen. Read on to learn about the best lighting for small kitchens.

Why Proper Lighting is Vital in a Small Kitchen

Carefully planned lighting allows you to get the most out of your compact kitchen. Here are some of the top reasons proper illumination is so important in petite cooking spaces.

best lighting for small kitchen

For these reasons, putting thought into your lighting is a must for a small kitchen. The right fixtures and placement make all the difference.

Lighting Options Perfectly Suited for Small Kitchens

Certain lighting choices are particularly well-suited for compact kitchen spaces. Here are some of the top options to consider including in your small kitchen lighting design.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are an excellent choice in any kitchen, but they are especially helpful for small spaces. Hung over islands, peninsulas sinks and other surfaces, they provide both task lighting and ambient illumination.

Linear, drum and simple pendant shapes allow you to add stylish lighting without dominating the compact room. Scale lighting appropriately for the size of your kitchen. For islands, multiple smaller pendants work better than one large imposing fixture.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting offers the benefit of directed task lighting. The slim LED tape or puck lights installed underneath upper cabinets provide focused illumination right where you need it most.

Use under cabinet lighting to spotlight main work areas like islands, sinks and ranges. The light highlights countertops without spreading all over the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting comes in many styles with plug-in, hardwired and battery-powered options.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is ideal for small kitchens thanks to its precise adjustability. With track heads that can be aimed exactly where needed, you can concentrate light on specific tasks rather than lighting the entire space.

Tracks placed over islands, sinks or ranges let you zero in your lights on cooking, cleaning and other jobs. Go for track lighting with flexible heads and mounts to fully take advantage of its versatility in your petite kitchen.

Layer the Lighting

The best small kitchen illumination combines multiple lighting types. Pendants, under cabinet fixtures and tracks used together provide both ambient lighting and task lighting.

Balance is important in a small room to avoid shadows or eye-straining brightness. Mixing multiple fixtures allows you to easily achieve a well-lit kitchen that also feels warm and welcoming.

Designing Your Small Kitchen Lighting

Keep these tips in mind when planning the lighting layout for your compact kitchen:

With the right mix of stylish pendants, under cabinet lighting and adjustable track heads, your petite kitchen can be both beautiful and highly functional. Proper lighting keeps a small kitchen feeling open and spacious.

Small kitchens present unique lighting challenges but also allow for creative solutions. Focus your fixtures to make the most of every inch, and layer ambient, task and accent lights. With smart planning and the right mix of pendants, under cabinet and track lighting, your small kitchen can be bright, welcoming and easy to work in.