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Choose the Best Kitchen Patio Door Curtains for Privacy, Light and Style

Gabriela Connell
4 minute read

Kitchen patio doors are a gorgeous way to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces. But you’ll want to dress them up with the right window treatments. Curtains on your kitchen patio doors can provide privacy, filter light, and add beauty to your kitchen decor.

With the right patio door curtains, you can control visibility, manage sunlight, and complement your style. Consider key factors like insulation, durability, ease of care and installation. Read on for tips on choosing kitchen curtains to suit your needs.

Achieve Privacy from Outside View

Sheer and opaque fabrics are ideal for obscuring visibility from patios and yards outside kitchen doors. Lightweight sheers allow sunlight to filter in while obscuring the view. Blackout curtains fully block visibility for complete privacy.

For the best of both worlds, consider layering sheers and blackout curtain panels or liners. That allows you to adjust the privacy as needed. Alternatively, window treatments like shutters, shades or blinds also limit outside viewing.

kitchen patio door curtains

Sheer and Opaque Fabrics

Alternatives Like Shutters and Blinds

Manage Incoming Sunlight and UV Rays

The right window treatments can help control the amount of sunlight streaming into your kitchen. Sheer curtains gently filter and diffuse the light. Soft Roman shades, blinds, screens and blackout curtains give you adjustable control.

For protection from harsh ultraviolet rays, choose blackout fabrics or curtains with built-in thermal liners. Also look for materials specifically marketed as UV-resistant or UV-blocking.

Regulate Incoming Sunlight

Reduce Harmful UV Rays

Select a Style Matching Your Kitchen Decor

Find patio door curtains that complement your kitchen’s decor and style. For a clean, modern look, opt for solids in a natural fabric like linen or cotton. Floral patterns work well in traditional kitchen settings. Bold geometric or graphic prints create a contemporary style.

Consider the texture and drape of the curtains. Light and breezy fabrics like silk or voile or rich textures like velvet and damask can make a statement. Eyelet lace, embroidered designs or vivid patterns also add visual interest.

Match Patterns and Style

Fabric Texture and Visual Interest

Select Durable, Easy-to-Clean Materials

Because kitchen curtains see daily use, longevity and easy care are essential. Natural fibers like cotton and linen or microfiber are good choices if you want fabrics that resist stains. For moisture resistance, look for treated fabrics safe for high humidity.

If prone to spills, avoid fabrics that require dry cleaning only. Check that your preferred curtains are machine washable for easy care. Some can also be washed and dried on a gentle cycle. Fabric protectors help add an extra layer of stain resistance.

Consider Heavy Usage and Exposure

Choose Easy Care and Cleaning

Installation and Hardware Options

Look for curtains with easy mounting options like rod pockets or back tabs when choosing window treatments. Grommets or tie tops also allow for casual hanging. Extended curtain rods that span the whole width of patio doors work best.

Rods should be mounted securely into the walls or ceiling with sturdy brackets. Curved rods help curtains drape nicely on wide patio doors. Ensure you have the proper hanging hardware so curtains install cleanly and slide smoothly.

Mounting Types

Hanging Hardware

Finding the perfect curtains for your kitchen patio doors entails considering privacy, light control, style, durability, easy care and installation. Opt for washable, durable fabrics in styles suiting your decor. Sheers, blackout curtains or layered combinations allow adjustable privacy and light regulation.

Measure patio door width carefully and look for extended curtain rods. Focus on easy mounting methods like rod pockets or grommets. With the right window treatments, your kitchen patio doors can be beautifully dressed while keeping your space private, stylish and illuminated just right.