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Brighten Your Farmhouse Kitchen With These Rustic Wall Decor Ideas

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The farmhouse style is known for its vintage charm, emphasis on natural materials, and cozy open floorplans. When designing a farmhouse kitchen, the wall decor plays an integral role in establishing the overall aesthetic. Rustic materials like reclaimed wood and galvanized metal blend beautifully with the farmhouse vibe while also adding visual interest. Read on for a roundup of inspiring DIY and purchase options to enhance your farmhouse kitchen walls with character.

Whether your goal is infusing more rustic flair or organizing pot lids and pans with style, there are endless ways to dress up your farmhouse kitchen’s blank canvases. Get ready to create an inviting space your family and friends will gather in for years to come.

Rustic Materials That Shine in Farmhouse Kitchens

Reclaimed Wood

Wood reclaimed from old barns, factories, and homes has a natural worn-in look from its history that instantly reads as cozy and farmhouse. Unlike manufactured wood, reclaimed boards feature cracks, stains, and other imperfections that add visual texture. The variations in the wood’s character and color make each piece unique. Reclaimed wood introduces rustic warmth on kitchen walls through applications like open shelving, architectural accents, and signboards. Leave it natural for a muted look or whitewash it for extra cottage charm. Salvaged wood melds beautifully with other farmhouse elements like antique-inspired lighting and floral accents.

farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas

Display your cherished serveware by mounting reclaimed wood boards on the wall for floating shelves. Or arrange mismatched boards vertically to build a customizable spice rack that looks straight from a homestead. For a focal point, construct a large reclaimed wood sign flanked by sconces or hung pots. Paint your family name or motivational quote on the sign in contrasting colors to really make it pop.

Distressed Wood

While reclaimed wood has natural character from its history, you can also artificially distress new wood to achieve a similar timeworn look in your farmhouse kitchen. Distressing involves intentionally wearing down the wood’s surface and exposing the grain beneath using techniques like cracking, staining, rasping, and whitewashing. The resulting finish has an imperfect, aged quality as if it withstood years of weathering.

Incorporating salvaged wood walls or beams is one way to join structural and decorative elements with distressed wood. For a more budget-friendly quick fix, cut plywood into wide planks and distress it yourself. Mount the faux reclaimed boards horizontally or vertically for a textured accent wall. Paint messages or shapes on the distressed planks in a contrasting color for added country flair. Lean into the vintage look by pairing with other rustic finds like metal milk cans, woven baskets, and ceramic jugs.

Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal delivers eye-catching rustic style through its weathered gunmetal gray finish and visible hammered or corrugated texture. When steel undergoes the galvanization process, it emerges with a rough-hewn patina that fits right into industrial and farmhouse spaces. Incorporate galvanized metal on your kitchen walls through tin ceiling tiles, backsplashes, and range hood covers. Vintage-style signs and letters crafted from galvanized metal infuse shabby chic character when mounted on walls or hanging from the ceiling. For a clever organizational solution, mount galvanized tin cans, buckets, or wire baskets to hold cooking utensils within arm’s reach.

Seek out galvanized metal finds in antique stores to add authenticity. Or introduce the look with new containers and letters finished with a galvanized spray paint. Contrast the dark gray with woods, tile, and greenery to keep the aesthetic light and airy. Accent with creamy whites, light blues, or cheery cherry red.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint opens up creative possibilities for frequently changing wall decor while also infusing farmhouse appeal. The classic black color instantly provides a cozy, old-fashioned look. Turn a full wall into a giant chalkboard for writing daily menus, inspirational quotes, or displaying the kids’ latest artworks. Use chalkboard paint to create vintage-look signs that can be erased and rewritten. Convert wooden crates or frames into custom chalkboards. Smaller chalkboards are ideal for organizing shopping lists, family calendars, or reminding people to check recipe ingredients.

For brighter contrast, paint chalkboard stripes or frames on white walls. Accent dark chalkboards with pops of copper, turquoise, or lime green. Update the look with modern cursive fonts and flower doodles. Chalkboard paint is budget-friendly and allows you to easily refresh your farmhouse kitchen’s look on a whim.

Display Collections Creatively

Open Shelving

Open shelving gives farmhouse kitchens an airier, more spacious feel compared to closed cabinetry along with providing decorative display space. The combination of practical storage and style makes open shelving a popular farmhouse choice. Mounting raw edge wood boards on the wall creates rustic floating shelves to show off pretty dinnerware, cookbooks, or vases. For a lighter look, try metal wire shelving painted or finished to blend with your color scheme. Industrial pipe brackets offer another opportunity for displaying treasured items in an organized way.

Keep the overall aesthetic cohesive by repeating woods, metals, or colors used in other kitchen details. Space shelves far enough apart to allow room for taller items. Limit smaller objects that can clutter the look. Edit down your collection to the most visually pleasing or meaningful pieces. The varied heights, shapes, and colors make ordinary items appear artful.

Plate Racks

Plate racks offer a creative way to exhibit your favorite vintage finds above the kitchen sink or stove while also freeing up cabinet space. Arrange plates by color or style for an artful look. Or neatly line up stacks of plain white plates to let their sculptural simplicity shine. Look for antique plate racks with intricate scrollwork and distressed wood frames to match the farmhouse style. Many designs mount directly to the wall, or you can find options that hang from the ceiling so plates appear suspended in air.

For family heirlooms or wedding china, display plates upright in a wall-mounted hutch. Plate racks draw the eye upward and make for an unexpected alternative to art framed above kitchen cabinets. Coordinate with the rest of the decor by choosing worn metal finishes like tin or brass.

Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips provide a rotating display option for showing off kids’ latest art, favorite photos, vintage postcards, or decorative magnets. Mount a metal strip horizontally on the wall or vertically on the fridge. Choose strips with a color or finish like galvanized steel that enhances the rustic farmhouse style. Arrange patterned magnets to form geometric designs or vine borders.

Group school photos or nature finds to create an organized gallery wall. Write favorite quotes on wooden magnets in chalkboard paint. Frequently refresh the look by rotating in new pages from your magnet collection. The varied visual textures and homey personal touches brought in with magnets make for charming farmhouse style.

Bring the Outside In

Nature Silhouettes

Silhouettes featuring delicate cut-out profiles of birds, flowers, leaves, and trees bring subtle natural flair inside. Framing pressed botanicals or birch branch shadows between panes of glass casts an airy, ethereal mood with dimension and depth. For a dramatic look, fill the frame backing with a dark color to make the silhouette details pop. Partner black and white botanical sketches with antique-glazed frames to capture old-world farmhouse charm.

Look for symmetrical shapes like butterflies or flowers to create a centered focal point. Arranging asymmetrical branches gives an organic, flowing look. Layer repetitive patterns like falling leaves or flocking birds for visual impact. Silhouettes make a big statement without overwhelming the space.

Herb Garden

A miniature herb garden nurtures fresh ingredients for everyday cooking while infusing your walls with living texture. Mount rustic planters filled with rosemary, thyme, basil, and oregano near sinks or countertops for convenience. Galvanized buckets, ceramic jars, and worn wooden crates make charming and eclectic containers for your herb plants. Arrange succulents, mini cacti, or air plants for low-maintenance greenery.

Let your herbs inspire what you cook each day. Snip off leaves or flowers to add layers of flavor and fragrance to meals. The fresh, earthy scents will make your kitchen feel more like an outdoor oasis. Herb gardens bring your walls to life and epitomize the farmhouse heart.

Botanical Prints

Black and white drawings or etchings of leaves, flowers, trees, and plants imbue farmhouse kitchens with organic beauty. Botanical prints range from highly realistic to graphic and abstract. Frame floral sketches in vintage-style frames or float single pages from dusty books for an antique look. Intersperse framed botanicals between shelves, windows, or open space. Or cover entire walls with salon-style groupings of eclectic botanical art.

Look for prints with accents of muted red, sage green, sky blue, or mustard yellow to tie into your color palette. The graphic pops of black on white backgrounds create striking focal points. Tailor arrangements to your space with symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions. Botanical prints bring subtle texture and a connection with nature indoors.

With an array of eye-catching options, from distressed woods and chalkboard paint to herb gardens and rustic metals, you’re sure to find wall decor ideas to make your farmhouse kitchen unique. Display your cherished belongings artfully with open shelving, plate racks, and magnetic strips. Introduce organic touches with shadows of leaves and branches or pots of fresh herbs. Rustic elements like reclaimed boards, galvanized tin, and chalkboard signs infuse vintage farmhouse allure. Most importantly, surround yourself with pieces that spark inspiration and memories. Let your kitchen walls reflect your tastes and personality. Then prepare for your warmest memories yet to unfold in the heart of your home.