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Boost Your Kitchen Space with Customizable Upper Corner Cabinet Solutions

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Upper corner cabinets provide a unique storage challenge in many kitchens. Due to their angular design, it can be difficult to fully utilize all the available space. The area in the back corners ends up becoming wasted “dead space” that’s hard to access. However, with some clever storage solutions, you can transform those troublesome corners into highly functional storage.

We’ll review specialty organizers, pull-out shelves, tiered storage, and more. With proper planning and the right accessories, you can gain easy access to items in even the deepest recesses of your corner cabinetry. Read on to unlock the storage potential of your kitchen’s corners!

Assess Your Storage Needs

Before installing any new organizational systems, take time to analyze your upper corner cabinet space. Measure the interior width, height and depth to understand the parameters you’re working with. Take an inventory of everything currently being stored and how often you use these items.

Identifying your most frequently accessed items will help prioritize where to add pull-outs and lazy susans. Also consider your kitchen workflow patterns and ergonomics when deciding which corners could benefit most from increased accessibility.

upper kitchen corner cabinet solutions

Lazy Susans

Lazy susans are the classic corner cabinet solution; the spinning turntable provides easy access to items stored all the way in the back. Lazy susans come in a variety of sizes based on the dimensions of your cabinet. They can be installed on the bottom, middle or top shelf.

One consideration is that lazy susans generally work best for shorter items. Tall bottles or boxes may not fit as efficiently on a spinning tray. But for food staples, baking pans and other short items, they’re ideal for sweeping everything within arm’s reach.

Tiered and Vertical Storage

Where lazy susans fall short in providing access to taller items, tiered and vertical storage shine. You can double or triple your corner cabinet capacity by installing shelves or racks vertically. This allows you to capitalize on all the unused vertical space.

Pull-out shelves are another great option, especially for deep corner cabinets. Install them underneath a fixed shelf to provide a second fully-accessible layer of storage. Vertical dividers are another great buy – they segment your cabinet into neatly organized partitions.

Diagonal and Swing-Out Shelves

For alternative access to those deep dark corners, try installing shelves diagonally. The slanted shelving creates an ergonomic range of motion for removing items. Swing-out shelves offer even more versatility – install them on hinges or tracks to simply pivot all contents into view.

Both these options add storage flexibility within tight corners. They also provide full visibility and ease of access to blind cabinet spots with limited openings.

Pull-Out Shelves

No corner cabinet makeover is complete without pull-out shelves. As mentioned, they can double your usable space when installed under existing fixed shelves. Pull-out shelves bring everything right to your fingertips by gliding all the way out of the cabinet on smooth tracks.

This provides effortless access to items pushed way in the back, which are normally a stretching struggle to reach. For upper corner cabinets with deep interiors, pull-out shelves should be a top priority.

Blind Corner Solutions

Blind corner cabinets have an interior panel on one side that prevents access from one direction. This leaves a significant amount of space out of reach. For these especially challenging corners, focus on storage solutions like lazy susans, pull-outs or swing-outs that rotate or slide outwards.

You can also install specialized blind corner organizers with integrated slides, pivots and tilting bins. Or for a simpler option, just remove the interior cabinet panel to open up an accessible corner shelf. This DIY modification is quick, easy and budget-friendly.

Lighting and Visibility

No matter what storage solutions you install, lighting is key for fully optimizing dark upper corners. LED strip lighting installed on the top interior cabinet edge will illuminate all your contents. Under-cabinet puck lights also cast targeted light into the space.

For even better visibility, glass-paneled cabinet doors allow you to easily see what’s inside. Open concept designs with removable panels or custom cut-outs also keep everything in plain view.

And don’t forget to keep the cabinet exteriors and surrounding countertops free of clutter. This further minimizes corner congestion and accessibility issues.

With a combination of specialty organizers, pull-outs, shelving and lighting, you can completely transform your kitchen’s upper corner cabinet storage. Solutions like lazy susans, diagonal shelves and vertical dividers make the space drastically more usable.

By taking the time to properly outfit your corner cabinets, you’ll gain storage, organization and ease of access throughout the kitchen. No more wasting precious space – those stubborn corners can become highly functional with the right storage design.