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Blackstone Outdoor Kitchen Ideas | Unleash Your Creativity

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Outdoor cooking has become increasingly popular, allowing homeowners to enjoy delicious meals with family and friends in the comfort of their own backyards. Blackstone griddles and grills have emerged as a top choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts thanks to their professional-grade power and versatility. By incorporating a Blackstone grill into an outdoor kitchen setup, you can take your backyard entertaining to the next level.

A DIY Blackstone outdoor kitchen allows you to maximize the functionality of your Blackstone grill and elevates your patio into an outdoor oasis. With extra prep space, storage, seating, and amenities like side burners and refrigerators, you’ll have everything you need for restaurant-quality cooking and effortless entertaining. Read on for inspiring ideas to create your own Blackstone outdoor dream kitchen.

Benefits of a Blackstone Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen around your Blackstone grill offers many advantages over a standard backyard grill setup:

blackstone outdoor kitchen ideas

With a customized Blackstone outdoor kitchen, you can have the tools to grill up anything and the space to comfortably host family and friends.

Design Considerations

When planning your Blackstone outdoor kitchen, keep these design factors in mind:

Think about how you want to use your Blackstone kitchen for prepping, cooking, serving food, and entertaining. This will help determine the ideal layout.

Appliance Options

A major benefit of Blackstone grills is their ability to be customized with a variety of appliance attachments and accessories. Here are some popular options to enhance your outdoor cooking functionality.

Blackstone Griddles

Blackstone offers griddles in several sizes, ranging from 17” portable models up to 60” extra large built-in units. Consider how much cooking surface you’ll need for the size of your gatherings.

Benefits of the flat top griddles include even heating, prevention of flare ups, and versatile cooking options. You can grill up pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast or burgers, veggies, and stir fry for dinner.

Use staggered cooking across the griddle’s zones to keep foods warm after cooking. Incorporate ovens and smokers to add more flavoring possibilities.

Side Burners and Prep Space

Add side burners to boil water or sauté pans while the griddle is occupied. Integrate stainless steel prep tables for assembling plates and platters.

Cutting boards, colanders, and knife blocks are also handy additions for food prep tasks like slicing, dicing, and straining.

Refrigerators and Ice Boxes

Keep beverages, condiments, and other perishables chilled with undercounter or freestanding refrigerators designed for outdoor use. For cold drinks on demand, incorporate built-in ice makers.

Drink coolers with taps allow you to enjoy beer, cocktails, and soda without running indoors. Pull-out cooler drawers provide easy access within your prep tables.

Sinks and Clean Up

An outdoor kitchen sink supports tasks like produce washing, hand cleaning, and post-cooking clean up. Look for models with soap dispensers and paper towel holders.

Trash and recycling bins should be conveniently located but out of main traffic areas. For quick clean ups, include areas to brush grit and crumbs into.

Design and Layout Ideas

Blackstone outdoor kitchens can be configured in several layouts to maximize your cooking functionality.

U-Shaped Kitchens

A U-shaped design provides an efficient use of space with work stations placed adjacent to one another. This creates an accessible flow for the cook.

Freestanding U-shaped kitchens allow you to access the grill from multiple sides. Island edges can incorporate overhangs for extra prep space.

L-Shaped Kitchens

An L-shaped kitchen makes good use of corners and allows you to integrate a bar area or banquette seating on the long side.

This style can work as a drop-in grill station or lean-to design attached to an existing wall or perimeter.

Island Kitchens

Island kitchens focus on a large central grill surface which acts as the hub. This provides seating all the way around the grill.

Islands offer a flexible layout since they don’t require attachment to your home. You can make them as simple or elaborate as you like.

Must-Have Amenities

Consider including these amenities to make your Blackstone kitchen fully functional and convenient:

Storage and Organization

Dedicated storage keeps grilling tools, cookware, pantry items, and prep bowls handy but out of the way. Incorporate cabinets, drawers, and pull out shelves.

Vertical storage like overhead racks and hanging utensil racks save space. Mounted paper towel holders free up counter space.


Task lighting under cabinets or over prep areas provides visibility for chopping, slicing, and cooking tasks after dusk.

Ambient lighting like string lights overhead enhances the atmosphere for evening backyard hangouts around the Blackstone kitchen.

Low voltage deck lighting and path lights add a layer of safety and visibility along walkways at night.

Seating Areas

Bar stool seating around kitchen islands enables casual gathering. Freestanding bars work well for fitting in more people.

Include a dining table and chairs set to accommodate larger groups for meals fresh off the Blackstone grill.

Extend the entertainment space with comfy chairs surrounding a gas fire pit placed nearby.

Finishing Touches

Background music from built-in speakers enhances the entertaining ambiance of your Blackstone kitchen.

Plenty of outlets allow you to plug in appliances and accessories like blenders, mixers, and phones.

String lights overhead provide eye-catching ambiance after dark and a festive touch.

Material Considerations

Selecting the right materials ensures your Blackstone outdoor kitchen holds up well exposed to weather:


Consider durability and heat-resistance in your countertop materials positioned near the hot griddles. Granite and stone offer good durability for heavy use. Stainless steel withstands high heat.

Countertops should have non-slip finishes for safely handling hot pans. Tile or concrete can provide affordability.


Concrete, pavers, or composite decking all work well for flooring around the Blackstone kitchen. Consider materials that won’t be easily damaged if grilling tools are dropped.

Look for easy-clean flooring that can handle grease drips and spills from cooking and entertaining.


Moisture-resistant cabinets made of stainless steel, polyethylene, or fiberglass are ideal for weather-proof storage. Include locking cabinets to store valuables when not in use.

Pull-out shelves, spinning racks, and organizers help keep items accessible so your Blackstone kitchen is easy to use.

Budget and Costs

Constructing your own Blackstone outdoor kitchen allows you to customize within your budget. Here are a few factors impacting costs:

Maximize your investment in a versatile Blackstone griddle by incorporating it into a complete outdoor kitchen. This provides you with ample cooking capabilities for backyard entertaining, parties, and everyday family meals.

Maintain your Blackstone kitchen’s function by keeping appliances covered when not in use and cleaning surfaces after each use. Always follow safety precautions when cooking outdoors with open grills and flames.

The modular nature of building an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to start small and add on features over time. With smart planning, you can create your ideal outdoor cooking oasis to enjoy for years to come.